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The former UNICEF Records, Archives and History development site, which shared procedures for access to non-current records and other evidence of UNICEF activities. Included were electronic links to specific records or lists of documents resulting from previous research on UNICEF related individuals, countries and themes.

It has not been updated much in last decade, but is again up for discussion as to how to reactivate beyond historical highlights useful for media outlets. There are ongoing requests from serious researchers, former staff, Phd candidates, grad students and others to have easy, continuous access to original UNICEF source material as wall as clear procedures on UNICEF policies and procedures for UNICEF records and archives.

UNICEF Historical Highlights

Reunion XUNICEFers Friends is a link on FACEBOOK for those who have an account

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UNICEF retirees are provided with a wide array of benefits. Use the resources below to access important forms, benefit and health information, helpful links, and more — all in one convenient place.          

UNJSPF = United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund or UN Pension Fund

Provides important pension and benefit information to Retirees and those planning to retire. Some of the benefits information provided are as follows: pension fund details, early retirement, deferred retirement, withdrawal settlement, disability, widow/widower’s benefit, divorced surviving spouse’s benefit, etc.

Association of Former International Civil Servants was established at United Nations Headquarters in New York in 1970.

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Provides insurance coverage for active and non-active staff members.

United Nations Federal Credit Union
Banking services for active and non-active staff members.

Some other links of potential interest to the UN community

This web site is dedicated to “the collection and redistribution of professional news and analysis that the commercial media routinely ignore. It aims to provide global analysis of trends and processes, in a media world that is increasingly centred on events. This is an additional window on the process of globalisation, and it is a personal initiative, without any funding or vested agenda, beyond providing friends with a personal contribution.  –Roberto Savio .”    Roberto Savio is the founder and President Emeritus of IPS-Inter Press Service, a regular news source for this site . Can subscribe to free daily newsletter at the site.

Inner City Press —

“Investigative Reporting From the Inner City to Wall Street to the United Nations” – many posts are by Matthew Russell Lee at the UN. Some like his “inquisitive” follow up approach at UN press conferences – others not so much…Usually updated daily..

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