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Provide as minimal your:

  • Name(s) ,
  • Email address and the
  • specific years / locations  you were associated with UNICEF.

We initially had a great  number of spam postings and comments unrelated to the content of the site from anonymous or commercial sources advertising their products and services. We now limit adding posts and comments to those who register and are identified.

Info on e-mail lists of former staff:

The most recent “all” email list of former staff is kindly maintained at this time by Oscar Fernandez. To be added , please inform Oscar with  information as when and where you served with Unicef. ( ofernandez (at)

  • Once you are on a list, you will be able to send to “all” and begin to receive from any of the many others. For those who have used a “list serve” it is similar.

informal NE Americas email list .. Sometimes we receive an invite to UNICEF related event close to the date announcing an event in NE Americas. We do keep a short   NE Americas email list with former staff who may be interested or available. To be added for periodic or last minute NE Americas updates etc., inform .
akeefe (at) . Copy to sheilabarrytacon (at) and adhiratha (at)

For more information on discussion of possible future email list etc. see

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  1. akhileshgautam says:

    Hello ! I am delighted by this “by chance”arrival this website. It is really heartening to see that someone really though and gave birth to this excellent initiative.

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Akhilesh Gautam and a former UNICEF staff member for about 11 years with the following tenure:
    WASH Officer (2001-2006) – UNICEF Lucknow field office India
    WASH Officer (2006-2008) – UNICEF Raipur field office India
    Social Policy Specialist (2008-2011) – UNICEF Lucknow field office

    Kindly allow me in.

    Best regards.

  2. Juan Fernando AGUIRRE says:

    Can I have some information about the September meeting? Thank you

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