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Interviews of Leaders, Decision Makers and Staff throughout UNICEF History . A number of older interviews are publically accessible at; Others are at UNICEF NY via RAMP-TRIM. Once identified, these can also be made available at here upon request.

Water and Sanitation History Unicef, Waterfront sample

recently former staff were seeking report of  water & sanitation history in Unicef and an example of newsletter (WaterFront) that Martin Beyer published regularly. attached is a sample of 2000 version of “Waterfront”:  CF ~ on Urban Environmental Sanitation. WATERfront, … Continue reading

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Interviews on (1983-1989) advocates for Child Rights and Convention within UNICEF

I n response to research request,  Below are links to 1989 Interviews which throw some light on UNICEF early involvement with child rights and the drafting of the convention. Some early and consistent supporters such as Baquer Namazi are illustrated. … Continue reading

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E-Pub Remembering Jim Grant: Champion for Children from “other News”

Over 50 former UNICEF staff and others contributed to these short stories and photos about life at NYHQ and in the field with the 3rd Executive Director James Grant. Download in English for free: Presented by Other News publications … Continue reading

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Jack Ling an early UNICEF staff at 07 May 2015 event

Some current and former staff were inspired and encouraged  in their current efforts, when it seemed that one of the original staff appointed by the first Executive Director Maurice Pate would be attending the programme on 07 May 2015 in … Continue reading

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Sheila Bary Tacon Remembers: 70 years, end WW2, Hope for a generation

Some of us remember the Second World War. We were youngsters and very conscious of our parents’ worries and concerns. The war had taken a terrible toll. We lost relatives and neighbors. But from one day to the next, the … Continue reading

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CRC@25 – David Haxton on Salt, Iodine and transparent oversight

David Haxton responded to request to remember CRC and 25 years ago. See his below message . Don’t miss his ending of three important things: producers (of iodine and salt?) do their jobs… educators do theirs by reminding us of nutritional … Continue reading

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NY times 10 Nov 2014 mention UNICEF in Stunting ariticle “Link Between Hygiene and Growth”

Talks in India to Focus on Link Between Hygiene and Growth By GARDINER HARRISNOV. 10, 2014 SEE full article at: EXCERPT: NEW DELHI — Responding to new research that links childhood malnutrition with poor sanitation, Unicef began a conference … Continue reading

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UN Yak audio interviews – continuing access?

Trying to update and download for preservation access to these audio interviews that were arranged and posted most likely by Muriel Glascow. Was at website “”* (see further information at end of post) “The following interviews with former UNICEF staff members … Continue reading

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Credit by Association – Kul Gautam Remarks 12 Dec 2007

Below are the gracious remarks for Deputy Executive Director Kul Gautam upon his retirement in 2007 Remarks by Kul C. Gautam at UNICEF farewell party New York, 12 December 2007 ————————————————————————— Thank you…. I feel so flattered and overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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interviews with Charles Egger Dep EX.Director

List of Interviews of Charles Egger by John Charnow and Dan Jacobs was attached to cover letter RAM/1998-0215 which was also registered as Hst/1998-014 es Egger, Deputy Executive Director (programmes), 1967-1981 Served under the following Executive Directors: Henry R. Labouisse, … Continue reading

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