UN Day Inspiration: includes Former UNICEF staff son on N. Korea at College event.

For UN DAY (Oct 24th ) below information on  3 Inspirations:

1. Former UNICEF staff Member’s son (USA congressman) speaks at UN day event

2. Former  Chair & President of UNICEF Exec board introduces Spirit of UN Award to Hungarian Ambassador in NY.

3.  Quote about UN Hope, Promise, Peace and Oneness

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Since October 24th is officially proclaimed as United Nations Day each year, many former and Current UNICEF or UN staff participate in local celebrations around this time.

  1. Family members of former staff sometimes also share insights. They may have seen the work of the UN Organizations  from a very close and unique perspective, sometimes being raised in more than one country or community.

2017-10oct-19-norwalk-un-day__212713Jim Himes-01

Some may know that a former UNICEF staff member’s son is U.S.A. Congressman Jim Himes, Representative from Connecticut.  At a recent UN Day event at Norwalk college in that state he mentioned the good and practical work UN related Organizations offer – especially mentioning UNICEF as example. After the event Jim confirmed that his father had served with UNICEF for over two decades…

The panel addressed the question: “North Korea — Where do we go from here?


The panel included (from left)

  •   Jim Himes, U.S.A. Rep. D-Conn., and ranking member of the NSA and Cyber-security Subcommittee of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.
  • Bill Hass, Moderator, president of the United Nations Association of Southwestern Connecticut, and former UN staff member.
  • Sonja Bachmann, team leader for Northeast Asia in the Department of Political Affairs at the United Nations,
  • Thomas Ward, dean of the University of Bridgeport’s College of Public and International Affairs and one of few Americans to have visited North Korea,

Aye Aye Thant, daughter of U Thant (3rd United Nations Secretary-General) was  in the front rows and introduced by the moderator. Aye Aye , who founded the U Thant Institute dedicated to her fathers vision for peace and education, also met with audience members after the event.

Please click on link below for story from thehour.com  on UN Day program in Norwalk , CT.


Here are excerpts from the story:

NORWALK — Students, community members and teachers lined the walls, sat in aisles and filled the seats of the Gen Re Forum at Norwalk Community College to hear a panel of experts discuss tensions with North Korea Tuesday for the college’s annual United Nations Day.  Organizer Hannah Moeckel-Rieke, ESL chairperson and adviser for global studies and the Model U.N. at NCC, said the timeliness of the topic as well as the quality of the panel was a major draw for attendees. “The panel was such a high level and we had the right topic,” Moeckel-Rieke said. “It worked out beautifully…

… Himes said. “… as a member of the intelligence committee — I spend my days looking at what North Korea is capable of doing, what the situation is and thinking more strategically about it — it is without question the single stickiest, thorniest, most worrisome issue that I certainly struggle with.” …“It is the unanimous belief of our intelligence community and the people who really study North Korea — which is a challenging place to study, it is by far the most hermetic country on the planet, it is not easy for journalists to get in and it’s not easy for information to get out — there is this loose language that the leader of North Korea is crazy. None of our intelligence community believes that. He is untested, he is young, he is relatively recent in power, he’s very different than his father … he is impetuous, has a taste for violence that his father did not have, but there is no evidence that he is likely to act crazily, that is to say ‘irrationally.’”

…The discussion elicited dozens of questions from audience members, who inquired about Himes thoughts on potential outcomes, the role of the U.N. and the likelihood sanctions would do any good in bringing the two parties to the bargaining table.

2017-10oct-19-norwalk-un-day___211303-jim Himes-with-students

USA Congressman Hines, strayed after the event to further engage with individual students and answer more specific questions ..

2. This year Various organizations cooperated in offering UN day related Programmes  around the NY Headquarters throughout the week.


One noteworthy event was the 2017 Spirit of the United Nations Award Ceremony 1p.m. to 3 p.m. 777 Church Center, 2nd Floor, 44th and 1st Avenue.

2017-10-oct-23-spirit-of-un-awards-un-day-amb-Chowdhury-_221252Anwarul K. Chowdhury:   Former Under-Secretary-General, and UNICEF Executive Board (Chair 1985-86 and President 2000) introduced the award recipient for 2017  to standing room only crowd

He gave background to the weeks theme  “The Spirit of the United Nations”: SDG Success ….a Universal Push To Transform the World” and the values and intent of the organizers. Then he shared his view of the different types of Ambassadors he had met during his many decades of service. The most inspiring were those representatives who not only serve their countries’ instructions and interests but strives with dedication and enthusiasm to always think of what was really in the long term interests of humanity.

2017-10-oct-23-spirit-of-un-awards-un-day-recipient-amb-Bogyay -Chowdhury-_221026252

One such ambassador and shining example he said is H.E. Ms. Katalin Annamária Bogyay Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Hungary to the United Nations and former President of the General Conference of UNESCO.(in photo center above receiving award).

Ambassador Bogyay also last month spoke very pasionately at the high level meeting of the UN General Assembly Sowing the Seeds of the Culture of Peace: Early Childhood Development Is the Beginning “. A topic of continuing concern of UNICEF.


At Webcast : http://webtv.un.org/watch/panel-discussion-on-sowing-the-seeds-on-the-culture-of-peace-at-high-level-forum-on-the-culture-of-peace-general-assembly-71st-session/5566146546001

 Ambassador Bogyay at 1 hour and 25 minutes


3. An inspiring thought for UN day.

United Nations Day
(24 October)

What does United Nations Day signify?  It signifies a day of universal
hope, a day of universal promise, a day of universal peace and universal

Hope brightens humanity’s present deplorable fate.

Promise encourages humanity’s speed, which embodies success and progress.

Peace enlightens humanity’s age-old ignorance.

Satisfaction, which is founded upon oneness, the oneness that we long for in our world family, will one day dawn in our aspiring heart and our dedicated life.

The United Nations is not a mere building. It is not a mere concept.
It is not wishful thinking or even a dream.

It is a reality which is growing, glowing and manifesting its radiance here, there, all-where, throughout the length and breadth of the world.

All those who are sincerely crying for a oneness-family are receiving light according to their receptivity from the soul of the United Nations.

  –  Sri Chinmoy
Founder, the Peace Meditation at the United Nations

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