Transcription Excerpts: Former CF Staff – Peace – Sow Seeds: Early Child Dev – Webcast : 7 sep 2017 (DETAIL)

Below are some informal transcription excerpts and statements with links to more detail of items presented in UN Webcast : 7 sep 2017 an highlighted in previous post  “Former Staff – at Culture of Peace – Sowing Seeds Early Childhood Development – UN (Summary)”.

(At the end there are audio files and alternative renditions of the songs performed during musical interlude)

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Our colleagues, “former UNICEF staff”  were part of the High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace 7 Sep 2017. … convened by the President of the UN General , H.E. Peter Thomson in the UN General Assembly Hall (AM) and Trusteeship Chamber (PM). Included: Anwarul K. Chowdhury,  Marta Santos Pais, Rima Salah, Bahula Boring , Chandika Kapalika,, Natabara Rollosson…. .

“Sowing the Seeds of the Culture of Peace:

Early Childhood Development Is the Beginning

See links below and start time in webcast.

Afternoon Session in Trusteeship Chamber:

Webcast afternoon session:

2017-09sep-07-culture-peace-unga-moderator-anwarul-chowdhuryAnwarul K. Chowdhury:  Chair and Moderator..   Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations;  His determined leadership as Chair (1998-99) of the UN General Assembly Drafting Committee led to the UNGA’s adoption in 1999 of the landmark Declaration and Programme of Action on Culture of Peace and to the UN Security Council’s adoption of its groundbreaking Resolution 1325 on women’s contributions to peace and security. He was Bangladesh’s Permanent Representative to the UN (1996-2001) and served as Under-Secretary-General of the UN for the world’s most vulnerable nations from 2002 to 2007. He also served on UNICEF Executive Board (Chair 1985-86 and President 2000)

Highlights important concepts throughout the 2 hr + Session  (mentions girl child  at : 1hr.,  11min.

see also

Excerpt:  On 13 September 1999, the United Nations General Assembly adopted, by consensus and with out reservation, Its landmark, pioneering and norm-setting resolution 53/243 on the Declaration and Programme of Action on Culture of Peace . Among other things, it provided the driving force for the implementation of the UN-declared International Decade for Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World (2001-2010)….In 2016, UNGA resolution N Res/71/252 reiterated Its request to the President to consider convening the High Level Forum. It was adopted at the Assembly’s 71″ session with the cosponsorship of 102 Member States under Bangladesh’s leadership.

some excerpts from UN Declaration on Culture of peace:


  • Also available at event: A re-print of book forward by Anwarul K. Chowdhury titled “The Culture of Peace” covering: The Process, Declaration, Realizing the Culture of Peace, and Call to Action. “Pathways to Peace: The Transformation Power of Children and Families,” J. F. Leckman, C. Panter-Brick, and R. Salah, eds. 2014. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 978-0-262-02798-4 .2017-09sep-07-culture-peace-UN-GA-Chowdhury-Path-to-Peace-book-forward_cover 2017-09sep-07-culture-peace-UN-GA-Chowdhury-Path-to-Peace-book-forward

Marta Santos Pais . Panelist –   speaks at 1 hr:13 min ,


  The first Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (SRSG).  Appointed in 2009, she has more than 30 years’ experience on human rights issues, and engagement in United Nations and Intergovernmental processes. She was Director of the UNICEF Innocent!Research Centre (2001-2009). She was also a member of the UN Drafting Group of the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child and of its Optional Protocols and has participated In the development of other key international human rights standards

Excerpt of MSP

…with my special mandate as the special representative of secretary-general on violence against children.. I am really privileged to meet wonderful and inspiring children.  I feel inspired by their vision, the determination and by their resilience…, and there is no dramatic event in their lives that can undermine their ability of being Compelling and irresistible.

They dream of a world of peace, a world where they and everybody else can grow up and can enjoy life happily and with a smile., a world that is free from fear and from violence as the sustainable development agenda stresses. But unfortunately for countless millions of children life is not this kind of dream it is a very sad nightmare. They endure appalling levels of violence in the middle of conflict, when they search new countries, new homes, when they are compelled to leave their own homes and Nations. They also suffer violence in their schools, in their neighborhoods and their homes, and increasingly in cyberspace. You may know that every five minutes one child dies, as a result of violence. Every year at least 1 billion children suffer some form of violence. This is half of every part of the child population of the world. It is really traumatic and we really need to put an end to it.

But what is important to recall is that violence hurts when it happens. But it leaves scars that stay for life. It undermines the development, the well-being of the child. It compromises the health, the education, the ability to relate to other children. It undermines the self-esteem and confidence and resilience and the Impact May last forever. May also very often, especially in early years, compromise the development of the brain with all the Millions of connections, that we heard referred to a moment ago. It leads to anxiety,  to depression to ill health, and very often to suicidal ideation and sometimes engagement in risky Behavior and also in Criminal activities .

A child who is victim of maltreatment has 50% greater chance of later participation in violence….

See more at: 



Rima Salah , – Panelist –  speaks at 1 hr. 55 min.,

Chair,  of Early Childhood Peace Consortium,  [ECPC) , an entity launched in 2013 to highlight the well·being of Children and Families who can be sustainable agents of change for peace building. She served as a Member of the United Nations High-Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations (2014-15), and as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary·General in the Central African Republic and Chad. Dr. Salah has had a distinguished career with UNICEF serving twice as Deputy Executive Director.


“…we have solid evidence that early childhood programmes:

1)  help to provide safe,  caring and loving environments for young children,

2) promote positive attitudes and skills in children,

3) improve caregiver and child well-being,

4) reduce conflict and violence,

5) diminish inequities and contribute to social justice,

6) and serve as platforms for community cohesion.”

“…, it is time to raise the voice of science to join the voice of “we the peoples, who, since the inception of the United Nations, and the signing of its Charter, remain determined “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war…” by uniting their strengths to maintain international peace and security.”

 “…Early Childhood Peace Consortium (ECPC) was founded on the two ideas:

  • that the global community must address the root causes of violence and conflict, and

  • that children and families can be agents of change for peace.”

“… goals of the ECPC are well aligned with the vision of the United Nations Declaration on the Culture of Peace, and Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

See more at:



Pia Britto –Unicef -Representative at continuation plenary meeting in afternoon – speaks at 35 minutes,

2017-09sep-07-culture-peace-unga-unicef-rep-photo-Pia Britto-crop  Chief and Senior Adviser, Early Childhood Development, Unicef.


….two sides of a coin

  • The first side of the coin is what happens when we do not provide young children with the optimal conditions
    for their development.
  • And the second side of the coin is when we do provide children with optimal conditions for development, how that promotes peace.
  • When a child does not get the right services, the brain suffers  from toxic stress and malnutrition that then inhibit Optimal brain development, resulting in the brain not growing fast enough, not learning adequate behavior, not learning  adequately, and leading to lower wages.
  • when we do invest … quality Child Care programs, breastfeeding counseling, support to families,
    positive discipline, positive parenting …we see a change. …Because these programmes strengthen resilience.
    They foster pro-social behavior in children and caregivers.

In fact, early childhood programs are serving as social platforms for engaging groups … together;: for bringing together ethnic minorities, religious identity groups, in joint programing with shared goals.

When governments invest in these services at scale, they actually build bridges between communities and their governments. Leading to both horizontal and social cohesion. There is trust, there is built faith, a built a stronger. greater relationship.

…reducing inequity in society. Because right from the start the children are getting the opportunities they need. To be equal, to be on an equal playing field, and in doing so, we’re increasing human capital, we are reducing both economic and social inequality, And increasing sustainable economic productivity.

This is a very cost-effective solution. It only cost $0.50 per capita for family to actually add these services to existing delivery platforms. But the cost of in-action is great.

S0, The right investment and the smart investment is in early childhood development because in there lies the transformative solution to sustainable peace.

See More at


See also: Remarks by Dr. Nancy Hardt, 2hr and 6 min Professor Emertta, University of Florida and Researcher on Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resiliency*


This Medical Doctor Spoke on Practical steps and Results  …A diverse partnership between law, medicine, psychology and restorative justice.:

practical Florida (USA) . Work which started with an improbable partnership between me, a physician and the sheriff, the highest ranking law enforcement officer. We and other Community Partners who joined the effort began to address broadly, without knowing it, the UN sustainable development agenda. Inequalities in Health Care access and outcomes; inequalities in educational access and outcomes. Violence against women and poverty. Specifically, our efforts address the root cause of community violence.

…After using data and maps to identify neighborhood suffering , the greatest Health inequities, we brought neighborhood Based Services to them –  which within four years resulted in a reduction in unintended pregnancies, reduction in premature births, and a stunning reduction in in cases of child abuse and neglect .

See more of the informal transcript at:  Nancy-Hardt-at-culture-of-peace-2017-09sep-07-


Morning session in General Assembly Hall

Webcast morning session:

Opened with a welcome and statement by the President of the UN General Assembly , H.E. Peter Thomson; then followed a statement by a representative of the Secretary-General (Ms. Ana María Menéndez, the Secretary-General’s Senior Advisor on Policy]): and the Keynote speaker, Dr. Betty Williams, 1976 Nobel Peace laureate.

It was followed by a Musical interlude beginning at 30 minutes. where UNICEF former staff:  Bahula Boring, Chandika Kapalika,  Natabara Rollosson joined the performance2017-09sep-07-culture-peace-singers-sri-chinmoy-peace-meditation-at-un


Bahula Boring – singer ,



Chandika Kapalika – singer – musician,



Natabara Rollosson -singer


(with others) performed as part of the Musical Interlude .

The musical interlude lasts until 42.15 minutes when the President says, “On behalf of you all, I’d like to thank Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations for that beautiful performance, and for the Culture of Peace for which they have stood for so long.”  the link to the webcast:


Musical Scores and Audio (alternative arrangements):

A Moment’s Truth, Peace…  – Music Score

A Moment's Truth - Music Score

A Moment’s Truth – Music Score

Two Audio versions of A Moments Truth (click to play) here or download alternative arrangements  at:

A Moment’s Truth, Peace …- Audio files

  • A Moment’s Truth   – Premik*
 on web:
  • A Moment’s Truth In Vastness-Peace*
on web:


A New World Of Peace – Music Score

A New World of Peace - Music Score

A New World of Peace – Music Score

Three Audio versions of A New World Of Peace (click to play) here or download alternative arrangements  at:

A New World Of Peace – Audio files

  • A New World Of Peace –  Premik*

on web:

  • A New World Of Peace  –   (Jhallika)*

on web:

  • A New World of Peace –   (In Vastness-Peace )*

on web:

In The Depths of Peace  – Music Score

In the Depths of Peace - Music Score

In the Depths of Peace – Music Score

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Play Combined songs arrangement:   Moment’s Truth, New World of Peace, In the Depths of Peace

– Audio file:





see also:

pdf print file: 2017-09sep-07-statement-pres-ga-hl-forum-culture-peace-peter-thomson

closing statement of Pres GA at :

pdf print file: 2017-09sep-07-Culture-of-peace-un-remarks-rep-s-g-advisor-policy

Gallery : click for larger or different resolution photo-images:


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