Former Unicef Staff – at Culture of Peace – Sowing Seeds Early Childhood Development – UN Webcast : 7 sep 2017 (Summary)

Our colleagues, “former UNICEF staff”  were part of the High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace 7 Sep 2017. … convened by the President of the UN General , H.E. Peter Thomson in the UN General Assembly Hall (AM) and Trusteeship Chamber (PM). Included: Anwarul K. Chowdhury,  Marta Santos Pais, Rima Salah, Bahula Boring , Chandika Kapalika,, Natabara Rollosson…. .

“Sowing the Seeds of the Culture of Peace:

Early Childhood Development Is the Beginning


See links below and start time in webcast.

Afternoon Session in Trusteeship Chamber:

Webcast afternoon session:


 Anwarul K. Chowdhury:  Chair and Moderator.. Highlights important concepts throughout the 2 hr + Session  (mentions girl child  at : 1hr.,  11min.

Marta Santos Pais . Panelist –   speaks at 1 hr:13 min ,  Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children (SRSG)

Rima Salah , – Panelist –  speaks at 1 hr. 55 min., Chair,  of Early Childhood Peace Consortium,

 Pia Britto – Unicef -Representative at continuation plenary meeting in afternoon – speaks at 35 minutes,  Chief and Senior Adviser, Early Childhood Development, Unicef.

Morning session in General Assembly Hall

Webcast morning session:

Began with the President of the UN General Assembly , H.E. Peter Thomson, then a statement by a representative of the Secretary-General and the Keynote speaker, Dr. Betty Williams, 1976 Nobel Peace laureate.

 It was followed by a Musical interlude beginning at 30 minutes.:2017-09sep-07-culture-peace-singers-sri-chinmoy-peace-meditation-at-un

Bahula Boring  – singer ,  Chandika Kapalika – singer – musician, Natabara Rollosson -singer  (with others) performed as part of the Musical Interlude . The musical interlude lasts until 42.15 minutes when the President says, “On behalf of you all, I’d like to thank Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations for that beautiful performance, and for the Culture of Peace for which they have stood for so long.”  the link to the webcast:

See also separate link to excerpts of some informal transcript of the discussions and programme of day; PDF scan of brochure provided at event, including background, history, bio-of speakers and words of peace songs performed.

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Gallery : click for larger or different resolution photos:

Programme gallery:

Agenda from Pres. UNGA:    2017-09sep-07-Culture-of-peace-un-GA-pres-announcemnt-agenda

PDF of Programme brochure: 2017-09sep-07-culture-peace-UN-GA-ocr

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