Shakespeare & 2016 USA election – How to respond

Shakespeare’s words have an uncanny ability to reach out beyond their original time and place and to speak directly to us.” from  Shakespeare Explains the 2016 Election 

The recent NY Times article was most helpful. I am a USA citizen, born here. One parent is from another country and I have close relatives in both. I have traveled in all regions of the world and friends of various nationalities sometimes request to know my views on USA especially related to current world activities. March while in New Zealand, a school teacher mentioned that she had been encouraging the class and school to follow the upcoming USA primaries and election to understand American Democracy in action.  She confided, some initial debates made her rethink that recommendation and consider how or if this could still be  “teachable moments”. We shared some ideas but as the season progressed I was shocked to see some of the coverage as I knew it was being viewed around the world. When this piece came out I sent a link to a few people and they were most grateful to have a way to focus family observers and students to broaden the discussion.  See full NY times article here:

Related excerpt: “How could the greatest empire in the world… have fallen into the hands of a Caligula?” or consider ” the brief, unhappy reign in 15th-century England of King Richard III. … depended on …”enablers working together”

  • “those who trust that everything will continue in a normal way, that promises will be kept, alliances honored and core institutions respected.
  • “those who cannot keep in focus that Richard is as bad as he seems to be.
  •  “those who feel frightened or impotent in the face of bullying and the menace of violence.
  • “those who persuade themselves that they can take advantage of Richard’s rise to power.
  • “and perhaps strangest of all, there are those who take vicarious pleasure in the release of pent-up aggression,

…”WHY an election? Shakespeare evidently wanted to emphasize the element of consent in Richard’s rise. “… “Not speaking out — simply not voting — is enough to bring the monster to power.”

see full NY times article:

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