Unicef Early statements on Environment 1987 – 1992

Recently there were questions concerning UNICEF earliest involvement with issues of environment, below are links to some  examples for follow up :

These five from 1987 to 1992 have pdf image:

CF RAI ~ 00654 UNICEF and the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), from James Grant, 27 January 1992, (Essential Document)

CF RAD USAA DB01 2003-00230      Seminar on International Cooperation in Health & Environment. Saving the Children Will Save the Planet. Address ~ 25 Oct 1990

CF RAD USAA DB01 2003-00417       United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Saving our Earth. Saving our Earth by Protecting Our ~ 8 June 1992~

CF RAD USAA DB01 2003-00244      United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Peace Day Prayer. Address by Mr. James P. Grant, Executive ~ 2 December 1990(2)

CF RAD USAA DB01 2002-00694 Co-operation Among Italy & Latin America and the Caribbean – Conference on Health, Welfare and Environment for ~ 3 May 1989

CF RAD USAA DB01 2002-00795 International Forum on Environment and Development . Welcoming Comments by Mr. James P. Grant, Executive ~ 19 October 1987


These items for further searches to be located in physical or microfiche and scanned:

CF/NYH/SEB/REG/1991-0038         E/ICEF/L./1989-06Children and environment: a  UNICEF strategy – sustainable  development 7/15/1991 0 bytes

CF/NYH/SEB/REG/1991-0507      E/ICEF/CRP./1988-18/      Draft recommendation submitted  to the Exec. Board by the  Chair.of drafting committee on  doc. E/ICEF/1988/WP.2/Rev.1:  Environment and development 7/15/1991 0 bytes

CF/NYH/SEB/REG/1991-0494 E/ICEF/CRP./1988-05/ Children, the environment and  UNICEF 7/15/1991 0 bytes

CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/1997-04727 E/ICEF/1993/WP/0008 Draft proposal submitted to the drafting session by the Chirman of the Programme Committee: Children, environment and sustainable development: UNICEF response to Agenda 21 5/3/1993 0 bytes

CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2001-04394 E/ICEF/1993/L.0002 (PDF) [Chinese Version] Children, environment and sustainable development: UNICEF response to Agenda 21 3/9/1993 1 MB

CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2003-01790 E/ICEF/1989/L.0006 (PDF-ENG) Children and Environment: a UNICEF strategy for sustainable development 2/13/1989 0 bytes

CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/1997-03591 E/ICEF/1988/CRP.0005 Children, the Environment and UNICEF 3/30/1988 0 bytes

CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2002-00452 CF/EXD/IC/92-07 Executive Directive Information Circular 1992-07 Dated 2 March 1992. Sub: Environment Team. To Reg Dirs, Reps & Asst Reps, Dirs fr R Jolly, Dep Exec Dir, Programmes 3/2/1992 0 bytes

CF/RAD/USAA/DB01/2002-00428 CF/EXD/IC/91-17 Executive Directive Information Circular 1991-17 Dated 4 June 1991. Sub: Environment & UNICEF. To Reg Dirs, Reps & Assist Reps, Dirs, fr R Jolly. Attached Women & Children First Symposium, Geneva, 27-30 May 1991 Women Children Environment UNICEF Paper 4/25/2002 0 bytes

for more items go to

http://www.cf-hst.net/    and search for “environment”

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