May 2016 Update: Invite; Beyer & Water; CRC 1980s Advocate (B.Namazi) ; E-Pub Grant: etc.

The May 2016 update covers multiple topics recently posted to the former staff site. – click on link below for additional details at web site .. which can again accept comments or posts from all contributors

Unicef former staff and friends are invited to Conversation with thought Leader: Dr. Paul Root Wolpe Monday 16 May 2016 12:30 – 1:30 pm; Unicef Danny Kaye Visitors Center, 3 un plaza , NY;   Manipulating the Human Genome:  Child Well-Being 2.0?   Join:   Paul Root Wolpe, Ph.d, professor of Bioethics and Director of the Center for Ethics at Emory University; Ursula Wellen, Unicef Principal Ethics Advisor) and Jeffrey O’Malley ( Director Data, Research and Policy for Unicef)
Former staff  were commenting on water & sanitation history in Unicef, An example of newsletter (WaterFront) that Martin Beyer published regularly was sought. See a  version of  Urban Environmental Sanitation., Issue 14, April 2000  and link to related Historical  monograph covering (1968-1986 ) available from
In response to research requests,  links are provided to 1989 Interviews which throw some light on UNICEF early involvement with child rights and the drafting of the convention. Some early and consistent supporters such as Baquer Namazi are illustrated. There are excepts of interview from 1989 of Mary Racelis, Regional Director, ESARO full interview is at see   
Members/ “contributors”  can post to site again.  We  are adding more “Authors” who can  Create, (add), Post, edit, delete their own posts. If you would like to help test the “contributor” or “author” role role please inform. For example , members have shared messages via the email list concerning moving stories and tributes about colleagues who have recently passed . It would useful if some one can consolidate the various remarks or links and post to the site.  Soon will schedule move to a new site cf1946 (dot) net.
Over 50 former UNICEF staff and others contributed to short stories and photos about life at NYHQ and in the field with the 3rd Executive Director James Grant. Download in English for free:
There are interesting stories from Pate and Labouisse days  (first executive directors). What did James Grant, Carol  Bellamy and more recent Exec.Dirs of UNICEF have to build on? One of the first UN organizations to win a Nobel prize (1965), it was recognized for local country offices and  innovative programmes around the world to reach the most destitute. Jack Ling was born to a bourgeois family in Shanghai in 1930.Later in  Hong Kong he began an intensive journalist career. and then joined the UN.. Mr. Ling recounted his eventful life with high lighting of UNICEF wining the Noble Prize in 1965, working with super stars like Marlon Brando, Liv Ullmann to promote children’s health and rights, and how he joined and led the International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency
Former UN Assistant Secretary General and Unicef Deputy Executive Director , Kul Chandra Gautam has written about the land of his birth: Nepal. “Lost in Transition: Rebuilding Nepal from Maoist mayhem and mega earthquake” has entered the third impression within a month of its release. The book , launched on December 12.
explores a plethora of challenges – primarily economic and political – that Nepal faces and offered suggestions how to rebuild the nation in the wake of decade-long Maoist conflict and protracted political transition, now followed by the devastating April 25 earthquake.
The inspiring story of how the iconoclastic humanitarian Jim Grant succeeded in saving the lives of tens of millions of children through his extraordinary ability to win over world leaders” ..  “Nicholas Kristof hailed Jim Grant as a man who “probably saved more lives than were destroyed by Hitler, Mao, and Stalin combined.” Nominated by President Jimmy Carter to head UNICEF, Grant ran the United Nations agency from 1980 to 1995 and became the most powerful advocate for children the world has ever seen.publishers site:

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