Mighty Purpose: Grant Sold World on Saving Children, 2015 by A.Fifield + former staff comment

A Mighty Purpose: How Jim Grant Sold the World on Saving Its Children Oct 13, 2015  by Adam Fifield

The inspiring story of how the iconoclastic humanitarian Jim Grant succeeded in saving the lives of tens of millions of children through his extraordinary ability to win over world leaders

publishers site:  http://www.otherpress.com/books/mighty-purpose/

Nicholas Kristof hailed Jim Grant as a man who “probably saved more lives than were destroyed by Hitler, Mao, and Stalin combined.” Nominated by President Jimmy Carter to head UNICEF, Grant ran the United Nations agency from 1980 to 1995 and became the most powerful advocate for children the world has ever seen. To ensure that even children trapped by war received health care and immunizations, he brokered humanitarian ceasefires by exploiting the political self-interests of presidents and warlords alike. Grant at first met fierce resistance at the United Nations and in his own organization, and some thought his ideas were crazy and dangerous. But as he kept toppling obstacle after obstacle, he eventually won over even his most stubborn detractors. Grant spearheaded a historic surge in worldwide childhood immunization rates and launched a movement that profoundly altered the face of global health and international development.

Available in paper from Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1590516036 and also kindle electronic. format

and from

mighty-purpose-j-p-grant-book-adam-fifield-2015-oct-coverNote from former staff member  – Fouad Kronfol:

“… Adam Fifield has published his book on the life and work of James Grant, the former Unicef Executive Director from 1980 to 1994. Many former Retirees and other staff were interviewed by Alan in the process of writing his book, including myself. He has managed to produce a remarkable insight into many aspects of Jim  Grant’s accomplishments, despite the fact that Adam never met his subject…those of us who worked with Jim throughout his Unicef years helped give Adam a sense of what we knew and felt about our former ExDir, which he has transformed into a very readable and entertaining book. A MUST read for all who worked and are still working in Unicef. The book is printed by Other Press, New York.  I encourage you to obtain a copy and pass this information on to others who might be interested. Regards,  Fouad

below excerpt  from FK note to Adam F

… “You have managed to depict this great Unicef leader in all his humanity, his visionary outlook, his tremendous drive, his concerns for results, his positiveness and his ability to “sell” his ideas to almost anyone, but you have also shown those instances when he did not get his way with certain ideas and actions that did not give the results anticipated…you penned JPG the person, the activist, the genius, warts and all !!! All this without ever having met the man !!!! It is really a literary feat you accomplished.

I was very touched by the chapter on Ethel and her demise..not many of us knew the details of the her passing and the drama which it entailed. She was to many of us more than Jim Grant’s wife….a very caring. human. kind and open-hearted woman, someone who could easily become a “Friend” to anyone, including those who were working under her husband.”


From – former staff member Steve woodhouse

“…Indeed Jim enriched the lives of millions of children and women and we as lucky staff members to have worked with him were deeply enriched as well.It is one of my own continuing delights to relate some of the Grant era and the man himself to new recruits through the programming workshops

From On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 10:02 PM, Yoshiteru Uramoto  wrote: .

I , for one, was very much in the Jim Grant time and have experienced the breakthrough in health and the state of the world children’s report. …I still hold it as my pride working with Jim Grant,..


There is much interest in having the Author and some of those who worked with Jim Grant together for a panel discussion during 2016.

Begun  in 1946 this is  70th anniversary year of of the United Nations Children’s Fund .


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