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Info on e-mail lists of former staff:

The most recent “all” email list of former staff is kindly maintained at this time by Oscar Fernandez. To be added , please inform Oscar with  information as when and where you served with Unicef. ( ofernandez (at)

  • Once you are on a list, you will be able to send to “all” and begin to receive from any of the many others. For those who have used a “list serve” it is similar.
  • When a location is identified for a reunion, Oscar has also in recent times had a sub set of those who want to be included on details and updates.
  • When replying to a message consider just sending to the one who sent and not the whole list. (NOT reply all)
  • When sending a new message consider just sending it to list as BCC. That will cut down on those who want to respond to you accidentally sending to the whole list.

informal NE Americas email list .. Sometimes we receive an invite to UNICEF related event close to the date announcing an event in NE Americas. We do keep a short list informal NE Americas email list with former staff who may be interested or available. To be added for periodic or last minute NE Americas updates etc., inform .
sheilabarrytacon (at) and adhiratha (at)

Summaries of posts A summary of some items posted to the former staff site is sent periodically to the whole list that Oscar maintains. The summary includes a few lines from recent posts and provided a link for more information. (Similar to an automatic  “digest” of professional list serves.) We received positive feedback that once a month is about the right periodicity to send summaries to all without overwhelming those who just most interested in something specific – like info on recently passed colleagues or upcoming travel/ reunion plans. Sometimes we would also send an additional email blast to all if info came at last minute that something would be webcast.

For more information on discussion of possible future email list etc. see

Extranet for former staff?, Subjects and digest options

About adhiratha

I joined the UN Secretariat in 1973 and UNICEF in 1974. During 2005-2006 I was on loan from UNICEF to UN Secretariat for special projects and between 2007 to 2010 was a consultant specialist for UNFPA. Have also been consultant or unpaid volunteer for various NGO's . My fathers favorite quote from Sri Chinmoy was : "There is only one perfect road and that road is ahead of you ,, Always Ahead of you...". Association with organizations that seek to implement the UN Charters goal of practical "oneness" feels like an inner connection or reality that is not time or position bound.
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