discussion of using “X” as short hand for “EX” indicating former staff – confusing

UPDATE: We will have a new site identifier. (details below)

What did  Xunicef.org mean

When ”X” originally chosen it was thought a good way to identify  former staff of UNICEF.

  • x phonetically  being short for or equivalent to  ”EX”
  • e.g. Ex (relationship), someone with whom a person was once associated, often romantically

However,  some of various ages have  been surprised by the name and indicated that in certain common situations “X” can mean “against. re:

  • X mark, a common written symbol of negation or affirmation.
    • X  out over illustration of  cigarettes, food, drink = no smoking , eating or drinking.
  • X-rated, a rating given to films suitable for an adult-only audience

or that

  • “ex” – may mean “divorced” -which is not the desired  image
  • “Alum” as in alumnae? but “graduation, diploma”  image didn’t seem to convey the relationship for different former staff

“… So we are considering a different URL to be able to  reach the same site…without confusion

We will have a new site identifier. It will NOT have “unicef” embedded in the url. During the change an alternate URL’s is likely (“cf1946“) to allow continued access to the previous postings in the meantime. Other less likely  alternatives : cf-more; cf-extended, CF-extra; CF-continue, more4CF;

Recently, we learned that UNICEF has had incidents that compromised the security of its own websites and all offices and units have been asked to be vigilant and aware of the security of their web properties. Third-party hosted websites are not encouraged. A digital governance framework will be issued later …..

In the past when a variant on the name of UNICEF was used for commercial purposes it became a legal issue. Most likely the framework now being developed will include guidelines that will affect us.



xunicef.org, xunicef.com, Reunion XUNICEFers are three distinct groupings at present.

Xunicef.ORG is the name of our site and association (retirees and former staff) at present.

Xunicef.COM was registered by one member to have an update-able mail list. It proved a useful way to contact all and especially with a sub list for those interested in the planning and holding of reunions.

Info on 2015 former staff and friends reunion in Budapest is at: http://budapestreunion.com/

hash tag for comments is  https://tagboard.com/Budreunion2015/243307

Reunion XUNICEFers is a link on FACEBOOK for those who have an account https://www.facebook.com/reunion.xunicefers.


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I joined the UN Secretariat in 1973 and UNICEF in 1974. During 2005-2006 I was on loan from UNICEF to UN Secretariat for special projects and between 2007 to 2010 was a consultant specialist for UNFPA. Have also been consultant or unpaid volunteer for various NGO's . My fathers favorite quote from Sri Chinmoy was : "There is only one perfect road and that road is ahead of you ,, Always Ahead of you...". Association with organizations that seek to implement the UN Charters goal of practical "oneness" feels like an inner connection or reality that is not time or position bound.
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