Welcome to the web site of UNICEF Retirees and former staff members

“CF1946 Society”

The time has come for more to share …

Unicef former staff meet, tweet, and text one another and are joined in one global network sharing a common commitment to the cause of children. Friends and former colleagues can now interact, get the latest news of colleagues, share experiences and keep abreast of developments related to UNICEF’s continuing mandate on this site. They can also help build the “lessons learned” sections and share ideas for future efforts…

The headings (at the top) and categories (on the right) suggest a range of contents, which we hope, will be of interest to all retirees and former staff members. Click on the various headings or categories and see for yourself. Then give us a feedback.

Web site was long overdue

Retirees  long wanted to establish a network that would reach around the globe and Muriel Glasgow wrote the first proposal for a retiree web site many years  ago. The initiative faltered but was given new life when Kul Gautam, then the Deputy Executive Director, encouraged the effort. Retirees were consulted through email and the Global Staff Association provided funds to start the process.  A volunteer group of retirees manage and maintain this site.

Contact Us

Our current process is to enlarge the existing network – encourage more of you to post your information from past or present from all over the world and continue to build a viable and sustainable association.  Please sign up and select a password. If have a problem posting please send an email to:

  • adhiratha (at) aol.com ;   and
  • sheilabarrytacon (at) gmail.com.

Provide as minimal your: Name(s) , Email address and the specific years / locations you were associated with UNICEF.

We initially had a spam postings and comments unrelated to the content of the site from anonymous or commercial sources advertising their products and services. We now limit adding posts and comments to those who register and are identified.

Info on e-mail lists of former staff:

The most recent “all” email list of former staff is kindly maintained at this time by Oscar Fernandez. To be added , please inform Oscar with  information as when and where you served with Unicef. ( ofernandez (at) luxusmanhattan.com). Once you are on a list, you will be able to send to “all” and begin to receive from any of the many others. For those who have used a “list serve” it is similar..

informal NE Americas email list .. Sometimes we receive invites for former staff and friends to a UNICEF related function close to the date announcing an event in NE Americas. We do keep a short  NE Americas email list with former staff who may be interested or available. To be added inform  sheilabarrytacon (at) gmail.com and adhiratha (at) aol.com.

for more information on lists and use see http://www.xunicef.org/2015/11/background-mail-list-former-staff/

Summaries of posts A summary of some items posted to the former staff site is sent periodically to the whole list that Oscar maintains. The summary includes a few lines from recent posts and provided a link for more information. (Similar to an automatic  “digest” of professional list serves.) . Sometimes we also send an additional email blast to all if info came at last minute that something would be webcast.

For more information on discussion of possible future “digests” for posts etc. see http://www.xunicef.org/2015/10/extranet-for-former-staff-subjects-and-digest-options/

You can add photos to text content of potential interest.

For example, you may  .

– have a short report from previous reunions, that you don’t see here. Post or send it to us;

– share your own or colleagues experience (from during or after UNICEF service) ; or

– remember older documents with potential “lessons” that seem to have become lost or buried. Send us the title, key words , date or  other partial identification. At a minimum we will post a query under “— Potential Lessons from past reports” and indicate what our initial search produces….

 What does / did  Xunicef.org mean?

When “X” originally chosen it was thought a good way to identify  former staff of UNICEF.

  • x phonetically  being short for or equivalent to  “EX” as in  “Ex-Unicef”
  • e.g. Ex (relationship), someone with whom a person was once associated, often romantically

However,  some of various ages have  been surprised by the name and indicated that in certain common situations “X” can mean “against. re:

  • X mark, a common written symbol of negation or affirmation.
    • X  out over illustration of  cigarettes, food, drink = no smoking , eating or drinking.
  • X-rated, a rating given to films suitable for an adult-only audience

or that

  • “ex” – may mean “divorced” -which is not the desired  image
  • “Alum” as in alumnae? but “graduation, diploma”  image didn’t seem to convey the relationship for different former staff

“… So we considering a different URL to be able to  reach the same site…without confusion

Some expressed options included:

CF for “Children First “or “Children’s Fund”;

then  cf-extra   ; cf-continue;cf-more“,or cf-extended ,

or most likely CF1946 (dot) net since UNICEF began in 1946 , with a proposed title of

     The “CF1946 Society” :

an association or  network of former staff and retirees of UNICEF

In the meantime some members in messages or posts have begun referring to “Ex-Unicef”. and “Ex-UNICEFers”

Add comments or follow the conversation here: http://www.xunicef.org/2015/05/discussion-of-using-x-as-short-hand-for-ex-indicating-former-staff/

Reunion EX-UNICEFers is a link on FACEBOOK for those who have an account https://www.facebook.com/reunion.xunicefers.

http://www.cf-hst.net/   Shared evidence of UNICEF activities. Included were electronic links to specific records or lists of documents resulting from previous research on UNICEF related individuals, countries and themes.  It has not been updated much in last decade, but is again up for discussion as to how to reactivate beyond historical highlights useful for media outlets. There are ongoing requests from serious researchers, former staff, Phd candidates, grad students and others to have easy, continuous access to original UNICEF source material as wall as clear procedures on UNICEF policies and procedures for UNICEF records and archives.

see also links http://www.xunicef.org/links/

Note:  The content of this site is made available as a service.

When possible we also share references (or links) where more detail may be helpful to understand the context of a specific post or page.

The views expressed or information presented here do NOT necessarily represent the official position of any person or organization.

cessarily represent the official position of any person or organization.

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